Harrisburg Middle School will implement PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) to encourage good behavior. Through modeling, effective and timely teaching, and recognizing students’ positive choices, we will improve student behavior and help develop well rounded citizens. Students will accumulate and/or save points and will be intrigued with incentives, such as, lunch line passes, special recognition, device opportunities, attendance to sporting events, fine dining opportunities, tours of state attractions, and more.


We believe we can:

    *Effectively teach appropriate behavior to all children                         through modeling and encouragement.

    *Intervene early to identify and correct behavior issues.

    *Use a multi-tier model to reach all students. 

    *Use research-based, scientifically validated  interventions.           *Monitor student progress to select interventions and to make       decisions. 


Students will be provided with an official ID badge and lanyard. These ID badges will be docked at the end of each day. Should they misplace their ID badge and lanyard, a temporary card will be printed. They can continue to accumulate points with this temporary card but students may not spend their accumulated points until they pay a $5 fee for the replacement of the new ID badge and lanyard.


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